The world is your oyster…if you can wait

On 3 separate occasions recently, companies have provided me with  a reimbursement or I have been compensated for what has been perceived as ‘unsatisfactory service.’ Not to say that my service was not okay, it’s the fact that it was just ‘okay.’ As a self proclaimed hard working, disciplined, passionate person who puts her heart into everything she does I have come to expect the same of others. Why is it that companies will take away reward programs or change the rules to make it inconvenient to get a free coffee on your birthday (or within 48 hours)…why not the week of your birthday or month for that matter? Why can’t I spend a $100 in a shop only to get one free item? Is it really too much to ask? I just feel that sometimes we should be given the courtesy and be able to extend that ‘free period’ just a little longer, or give that person a free coffee even a week after their birthday. Well, I am happy to say that recently after forcing the issue with two vendors they did try and make it up to me and the third, well they just decided to offer something without me having to ask. Be kind but be firm, do good and some times be patient and you will get what you deserve.

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