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What’s on my calendar for 2021?

Well, I thought I would start off January with showing the world what I will be up to this month.

So why am I doing this? Well, I have been a long-time fan of Martha Stewart and for 30 years in the MS Living Magazine it has appeared in the first few pages. It’s a little snippet of her real life. Many people ask me how I stay so organized? Writing it on some sort of calendar and doing the activity on the same days of the week is one of my tips. Example if I go grocery shopping every Friday then Thursday, I prepare the menu and shopping list….and when Friday comes around again things have been eaten so a fresh supply is always welcome.  This cuts down on food cost but most importantly food waste! Like Martha it is not everything that I do in a day, it’s highlight!

Even if you know that you are doing something simple like posting on social media write it down. Checking things off a list feels good, you stay on track and it makes life simpler.

It will definitely help you know what day it is while we are all in lockdown again.

Does this inspire you to write things on your calendar?

Use mine as a guide…good luck and Happy New Year.

Peace Sarah


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