How did I get here? Can you help? Well yes I can!

So, your life is a mess… you are stressed because it takes you twice as long to find anything you need especially when you are running out the door!! You walk by a room and the sight of it stresses you out.

You long to craft, read a good book or sit in space that is not full of paper, kids art, one sock and a dirty plate. You are embarrassed at how it got this bad this quickly.

Maybe you are planning on moving and you have no idea how you will pack up everything in your home let alone unpack when you get to your new place.

You are renovating and you need to declutter

You are downsizing and you don’t know what to do with all your things?

You just need someone to come in a help you tweak your closet, drawer or that catch all room.

Well that is where I can help! I come into your place with no judgement…believe me I’ve see worse than what you are living in. I look at what is happening in your world, look to see what stresses you out and how I can at least help you have an organized space.

A space where you don’t have to look for things, where everything has a home and it looks visually appealing…decluttered and peaceful.

Peaceful and breathing room are two words I use a lot. Everyone wants a space they can breathe freely in and peaceful because when I leave, my hope always is that I have decluttered the space, wiped it clean and put everything back in an organized fashion that makes you feel free, able to breathe and live in peace. You can be sure when I leave, your place is in order and the items you don’t need anymore will find a much needed home with someone else as I always find a charity to donate it to.

Your home, no matter where you live or what circumstance it is that you got to this place, should feel peaceful, free, and safe. You should be able to come into your home with a smile and a big fresh hug and belonging. I believe a decluttered, organized home is a place of peace and well being…let me help you make that happen.

If you ever have questions I am always here to answer.

Peace Sarah

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