I love a good cookbook

I have said for some time I would complete a cookbook review. When I brought down all my cookbooks, I thought this will be harder than anticipated as I have a fair number. Now, in my defence I am a recipe follower and that is how I make my weekly menu and my weekly shopping list. It is also how I get inspiration and figure out what to feed my family as we eat vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and meat dinners every week.  Also, in the past I did cook for people with all different needs.

There are so many good cookbooks out there for everyone to enjoy. My rule of thumb is to look through a cookbook and if you can see yourself cooking or baking at least 5-10 recipes in said book there is a good chance you will enjoy cooking from it. My cookbook library consists of Martha Stewart (of course) but they take time, so does Jamie Oliver but the photos are so beautiful that they both inspire me.

Next is ‘Best of Bridge’ because my mother and all her friends used these books, they are the cookbook of my young life. We eat differently these days, so they are a little challenging to cook from, but I keep them around. My go to is Jessica Seinfeld cookbooks:

Food Swings

The Can’t Cook Book

As I don’t typically hide vegetables in my dinners anymore The Seinfeld’s and The Aziz have all grown up and I can move past lying to my children about what they are eating  😂but I do still have all 4 for her books.

Real Simple books: Dinner Made Simple -easy, delicious home cooking dinner tonight done!

From the makers of the magazine Real Simple love them all easy, quick, always good!!

All my Canadian books especially the ones written by WOMEN IN ONTARIO!!! Whoop Whoop! All the Janet and Greta Podleski and Greta’s new one Yum and Yummer is an absolute winner!! I have both Meghan Telpner’s books they are wonderful for knowledge, beauty and free from most allergens. So is Angela Liddon –Oh She Glows Every Day she has the best smoothie I have ever made and she Stuffed Avocado is a go to vegan dinner.

Loving my Mairlyn Smith Peace, Love & Fibre she also does a weekly Facebook live cooking show which is just a hoot to watch! She recommended Jan Scott Oven to Table- saw it at Costco looked, and there were 12 recipes that I would make so picked that up…thank you Marilyn for your recommendation.

Then there is Betty Crocker she was my very first cookbook when I was 5, yes… I was 5 when I started cooking! I also have the newest one. It is American cooking at its best.

I also have a few women’s group, art gallery and church cookbooks. They are local and you can never go wrong with a United Church recipe. Plus, all the little booklet cookbook that do come in handy from time to time.

I also have my Bibles:

The All New Joy of Cooking and The Martha Stewart Cookbook.

I have made my own binder cookbook with recipes I have pulled out of magazines and I have created my own recipes that are in my binder too.

Cookbooks excite me, they are most often my reading material. I do seriously curl up with a good cookbook! I do have quite a collection, that I use, savour, repeat and write in. If my children take anything I leave behind, it will be my cookbooks and I want them to remember when or why or maybe how I adopted the recipe to fit our lives.

Happy Reading, Cooking and Enjoying. Peace

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