Minimalist or Mindfulness

Hi All, last night I re-watched Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things on Netflix. So today, I was thinking about this week’s blog as I was getting ready in the morning using up all my natural beauty products and thinking that COVID-19 has some good parts to it!

I am a visual person and when I shop, I like to use my hands, nose, and eyes. As I can not, I cannot go into many stores I find myself being even more mindful than I ever have before. Now do not get me wrong, as an adult I would consider myself to always have been a mindful shopper…partly because I live on a budget and partly because I am ALWAYS thinking:

-Do I NEED this, or do I WANT this?

-Where did it come from? How far did it actually have to travel to get to me?

-Who made it and how much did they earn?

-How many times will I use it, wear it or have it until it is finished?

-What is the environmental impact on the product I am buying?

Gosh yes, I actually do ask all these questions to myself! And to my children if they are willing to listen.

I would not say I am a minimalist as I have too much stuff that I have collected along the way that I continue to use and am grateful that I have. So, I am a mindful consumer as you just read the list of questions that I ask myself.

I do use everything I buy but every now and again I do have overlap of products maybe they were on sale, and I received them as a gift or picked it up traveling.

So this has really been good to stop, use, and think of what I actually need for the time I can go to a shop again….and you bet I will have a list to follow!

Hope this finds you well and gives you some food for thought.


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