International Women’s Day

The power of connecting and sharing…is key in my life…both personal and in business. I believe there is enough for all of us as we are all looking for different things!!! I was at an amazing event on Friday wearing my Here for Her “Get Ovar-y It” T-shirt!!! There is no better shirt to wear when you are a menopausal woman at a women’s event! Well I was right; I had so many women ask me about that shirt 😊, and I was so happy to tell them where it was from, why I wear it and how to find it. In fact, I had discussed this in a previous blog of mine. And, it’s both fascinating and amazing that the creator of the shirt and ‘Here for Her’ is Rachel Etenger, and the clothing line can be found at Lofthouse Living located below Saffron Road, and Purdy Natural…all owned and operated by women!

To put the word out there of these shops and Here for Her causes is so uplifting for me. It keeps things local, keeps entrepreneurs and small business in business and London and surrounding areas vibrant!!!

Love who you are, what you do, where you live, and who you support!!!


A shout out to the women who were all so inspiring to listen to!!!


Emm Gryner

Cassie Krygsman

Kay Habib

Melinda Rombouts


I encourage you to look these women up and enjoy their success. I also encourage you to pop in to the first 3 super cute shops. Listen to Rachel on Virgin Radio’s morning show and check out the Here for Her website!! Oh, and you can check me out too at: .  Women’s day has quickly become one of my favourite days of the year. Peace!


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