Life is messy

Wow, 2020 is the exact opposite of what I thought it was going to be. 😢 It started out great then got messy very quick and boom it’s June!!!! Life is messy, the world is far from perfect. I am far from perfect. I have children well they are teens now that criticize, judge, and rip my heart out a lot. BUT they are non-toxic young adults that try everyday to help, work hard for their future and make everyone they meet feel welcome.

I am in a marriage of 22 years AND  34 years together and it is far from perfect…it’s messy and a LOT of work. It is a full-time job BUT we try everyday to make it work and some days are better than others. We are in it for the long haul.

I have a small business that is nonexistent right now except for my shop and being on social media. That is a ton of time and energy in hopes that someone reads this, orders online and hires me as an organizer. It is hard, lonely, frustrating, and discouraging. BUT it’s all mine, my baby, my hours, my creations, my skill and ALL my hard work…to pay off one day. So, I keep plugging away doing the work because that’s what I do, it’s the only way I know how to do it.

I wish that we all can do this for the Black Lives Matters Movement! It’s hard, sad, scary, and uncomfortable BUT the pay off is rewarding, exciting and so, so, so, long overdue!

Life is terribly messy, but we are all here working hard, on our own messy lives. We all bleed the same blood.


Good Night

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