The Encore

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So, what is it…the sound, the lyrics, their look, or live shows? Is it simply the longevity, the branding or the vibe? In a word, yes! It is the ensemble that is ‘The Rolling Stones.’ As I mentioned in my previous blog whether you are a fan or not when you walk through The Rolling Stones’ Exhibitionism you get sucked in to it all and leave feeling ‘wowed’ at the whole Stones’ movement. Of course, I have the excitement that comes from watching my husband and son walk through history and to the beginning of it all. How fitting that we were actually in Chicago and visited the site which was originally Chess Records for it was at this famed studio where Chuck Berry recorded ‘Rockin at the Hops’ and where Muddy Waters not only recorded his ‘Best Of” but also doubled as there in house¬†painter. It was Mick Jagger who was holding these 2 records when he was reacquainted with former school mate Keith Richards and later went on to form the Rolling Stones with help from Brian Jones. I was completely impressed that this rock ‘n’ roll group some fifty plus years later could still have the power to influence a 14 year old girl (and 12 year old) to buy a $40 shirt and to wear it proudly. Again, she has not known life without the influence of the band but still, she chooses on her own to join the movement. I do believe that what shines through most of all is the love, passion, and commitment of the individuals to their art, music and business. And I respect and admire that. As Keith Richards has said himself ‘It is the sum of all parts that is greater than the individual.’ And as to why the band has spanned different generations, Keith says ‘The Stones are just part of the furniture.’ Okay, one last quote ‘I know, it’s only rock and roll, but I like it.’

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