The Weeping Buddah

As days go on and as some tensions run high and I feel the weight of my world on me.

I sometimes wish (not very often) that I had small children again, pretending we were stuck on an island with books, songs, food and each other! But I’m a mother of old teens, a small business owner of organizing and selling up-cycled products. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I am a wife of a banker, who must go to work everyday listen to people stressed about their money, stressed at the world and turn to my husband to unload.

For my teens: one is finishing his first year of college with projects that can only be done on multi million-dollar equipment at school. Secured Spring and Summer jobs to pay for the next years’ schooling yet it’s all on hold right now. I have a daughter who is trying to decide what University to attend without seeing any of them and waiting on marks that have yet to come to see if she gets into programs. She will say goodbye to 13 years of dancing with the same dance company with an email and not a recital, no grad number, no solo, no goodbyes just 13 years of memories cut short. She will most likely not have Prom, something she has looked forward to before she even started High School. Dress is bought and waiting in a closed store. All appointments with local business to get ready for her special day will be cancelled. Like ALL grade 12 students in this country she is in limbo and it’s heart wrenching. My other daughter is just being a good sport, rolling with the punches, but worries about the world and her friends.

They ALL miss their friends! Teens need their friends more then they need their families.

I find it funny as I was happy that they were all home under one roof…I worried when they are out and about…I am a mother after all!!! And teens are teens!!! Having everyone under one roof is reassuring that nothing bad will happen…right…. oh, so worry. The virus feels like the alien in The Quiet Place!!


Now me…I don’t usually put myself last…I am not that kind of mother but here I am an organizer that can not go into people’s homes to help them find peace and balance with a clutter free organized space. I am also an entrepreneur who sells her creative creations by using something that would be thrown away and turning it into a useful, cool product. But who in the world right now wants or needs a product like that? When I don’t have organizing clients, I always have markets to rely on for income and now all my up coming markets have been postponed or cancelled.

So, I plug along smiling, checking in with the seniors in my life, keeping the teens fed, and everyone’s motivation and moral high. I’m doing challenges and questionnaires I would have been to busy to do. Read, puzzles, work on my business becoming a brand, cooking, baking, TV. Basically, everything the world seems to be doing. Oh, and walk the dog…our dog is in the best shape and is the only one who is enjoying all this togetherness!! I have been an avid watcher of the CBC news and the daily address from Justin Trudeau. I am not a big news watcher, so this is a fresh new thing for me…and the PM brings me such comfort. I feel the weight on his shoulders.

There are so many positive things that have come out of this Mother Earth healing.  The quiet and stillness of the world is beautiful. Days are flying by! Best of all everyone is holding certain jobs like mechanics, grocers, nurses, scientist all essential services etc. in such high esteem more than the millionaire, celebrities and sports players…it is so wonderful to see!!!  I am connecting with friends that normally we are all so busy by the end of the day there is nothing left…But now we are chatting there is really no time zones when you are all on house arrest. We are all getting sleep which was a universal problem. We are ALL taking care of ourselves and each other. I can workout, go to church, listen to a music concert and get advice without ever leaving my sofa…it is beautiful to see. So, this is me…the scared, worried, concerned person BUT always the optimist…looking for the good and appreciating the rainbows and stopping to always smell the roses!!!! Peace


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