United Nations – Cropping Daze and Confused

You may ask… what could bring together a Police Woman from Detroit, a self employed mother of three from Komoka, and a mother/daughter team from Brown City Michigan to Kitchener Ontario…well the love of scrap booking of course! This past weekend I spent 2 full days helping to promote my favourite (and only) scrap booking retreat on the map…Cropping Daze Retreat in . What started as a simple get away for my girlfriend and I 10 years ago has turned into a great friendship with Holly (owner) and K.S (fellow scrapper) where even if I only go once a year I start looking forward to the next visit as I’m driving away. The great thing about the retreat is that it doesn’t matter if you get anything done or not (but I always do), you can relax and get caught up with friends and enjoy amazing meals provided by your host. I have been trying for 3 years to get Cropping Daze some ‘floor time’ at ScrapFest/Kitchener. We all spent 2 whole days selling and promoting the retreat to anyone who would stop and take notice. And other than a few who are boycotting the United States for anywhere from 2-4 years, people were genuinely accepting. Which brings me to a point about our 2 nations…why can’t we just shed light on each other’s lives with humour (humor for you people across the border) and laugh about things like ‘Why is the coffee at Tim Horton’s so hot? Or, why is it that American’s feel the need to sue anyone for anything? Better call Sam! The great thing is that we have all come together for the same love, scrap booking our treasured memories. It’s great when people of different backgrounds, upbringing, and countries can find one passion that unites them. Check out the Cropping Daze website, book and then you will be thanking me on Friday night as you dive into their signature dessert….Cream Puff!!!!

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