Vision Board Part 2

In January 2020 I redid my vision board, mainly because it was a new year, new decade and new me!!!…and some of my vision, dreams have been filled!!!

And as I was doing this of course an email pops up from Food Matters “2020 vision board creation video”!!! Yup, that’s the universe talking to me!!! In the food matters video, Laurentine talks about how it would feel to????: and that’s what I did this time answering her questions and writing how I would feel not only on my board but in a visionary book/journal I own!

If you remember, I wrote a blog September 30 2014 about getting the family involved and everyone doing a vision board….well this time I just did it for ME…the husband and teens need to fumble through their lives with their own visions!! I encourage you to take part in this very fun activity. You never know what will ever come of it!!!! Good luck and Peace!!!

Oh, and if I have inspired you to make a vision board and one of your visions is to win the lottery and you win…well you can take me out to lunch and thank me!!! 😊

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