Wellness Wednesday

Hi All, now that I am a 50-year-old and can say that I have come out of menopause successfully I thought I would share a few things… Menopause is NOT for the faint of heart!!! Jesus!!!! I wish I could be funny about the whole thing, but it was a 5 year battle…me against the female world trying to feel better, feel myself when I felt like a crazy person…or a person that was going crazy!  Both my husband and I wondered why our Mothers went crazy from time to time in their 40’s and 50’s… MENOPAUSE!!! To start I have never had the ideal picture-perfect menstrual cycle. Then on to conceiving, that again was not picture perfect… modern medicine put my first born into my body and modern medicine had to take him out! After having 3 children in less than 4 years and magically getting exactly what I had always wanted…minus the fourth child (both said husband and I knew we had it too good so we threw hour cards on the table and folded. Three babies, all caesarean section and seconds after number 3 was out I was having a tubal ligation. So, having children that close together plus my past issues created more problems for 5 years after that! Ugh!! Then came the age 40-45 which was a blissful time for my health life…I was fit, no more period…and loving it!! Thank goodness as I probably could not handle anything else in that time of my life. Then, at the ripe old age of 45 I started gaining weight, working out was harder work and I was HOT …like really, HOT…not sexy but more like a sweaty, chubby middle-aged woman! LOL
At this time I was O’ natural not a nudist (gosh the picture you must have in your head right now) LOL!!! No natural meaning good for the environment and our bodies. We have all-natural products in our home for cleaning, laundry etc. We eat healthy clean homemade meals and I try and do local, organic and minimally processed. That kind of natural!

So, when I had signs of Menopause and went to my family Doctor, she knew I would say no to all meds so I would go it alone. Thinking I’m a woman with grit I can handle it all!!! Handle I tried…

Hot flashes
Weight gain
Dry skin like extreme dry itchy skin…vagina and my scalp
Increased number of rashes on my body
Thyroid issues
Gallbladder issues
Digesting food issues
Vomiting a lot

The mood swings and really feeling out of control was more then I could handle and bear…so I sought help from a Naturopath Doctor who coached, comforted, and reassured that everything was going to be okay. That I was like 45% of all women going through menopause. That I did not have to take HRT medication and I would live to see menopause DONE!! So, I put my trust and faith into what she said…AND after 2 years of trying endless combination lots and lots of acupuncture and 2 juice cleanses I can truly say I am better! Have my issues gone away…some yes…but what I have learned is that I can do this, calming, rationally…with a grateful heart. Taking it day by day, a slower pace (some days). Being easy on myself, the weight will come off, my skin will rejuvenate in the spring and I know how to feel better when my digestive track isn’t cooperating. I also learned that I can and will LOVE juice cleanses!!! I am also very proud to say that I JUST for ME did this all naturally which makes me feel wonderful! My side effort is that I feel good!!! With a lifetime of using modern medicine to help, heal, fix I can go into this part of my life more committed to remedies that have been around since the beginning. Feeling better about my health and the environment I live in and what I will leave behind. So, women who read my blog and are going through the final change of womanhood there is hope for you to look at whatever will help you. I know there are people who face many more challenging things than what I have written. And for that, you are Rock Stars and I bow my head to you!!!! But for the women like me…. find comfort in the World Wide Web, a book, another girlfriend, your own Doctor or beliefs. Just know you are not alone, and you can and have me in your cheering section.  Peace

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